Artist Statement

During my time at Concordia University I wanted to get my hands on all the techniques of print media. I’ve taken silkscreen, intaglio, bookmaking, digital print and lithography. I tried to cover all the techniques.

In intaglio, I’ve learned engraving techniques from sugar lift, hard ground, soft ground, aquatint and dry point . Focusing on many of the texture markings I found an interest in relief print by furthering my knowledge in woodcut, collagraphs and linoleum printing.

I have also studied silk screen using UV screen base and speedball printing. With both techniques I was able to understand the process of coating, exposing and learning what size of mesh is good for what technique. I have worked in a commercial printing studio which helped me learn to use a machine to operate 14 printing stations for t-shirts. I’ve also finished a large scale installation with 500 triangles, printed with speedball and UV base with dusting on top.

Of the techniques I have spent most of my time focused on lithography focusing on stone printing, offset printing with photopositive plates and polymer plates. Most of my prints are in lithography and offset printing. I fell in love with lithography because of the mark making. I often use tusche in many of my prints, to mimic an environmental layer, such as trees and clouds. Most of my work is based in ecology and environment which I’ve use on many of my book works and hope to continue to work with.